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ART | check out ralph ziman’s beaded AK-47s In ‘Ghosts’

south african artist and filmmaker, ralph ziman, recently collaborated with zimbabwean vendors in johannesburg to create 200+ shona-beaded replica AK-47s. ziman explains:

“Part of an extensive series of works, this mural deals with the international arms trade and Africa: a trade that for the most part only goes in one direction. Into Africa. I had six Zimbabwean artists use traditional African beads and wire to manufacture several hundred replica bead/guns like AK-47s, as well as several replica bead/general purpose machine guns (GPMGs), along with the ammunition. In response to the guns sent into that culture, the mural represents an aesthetic, anti-lethal cultural response, a visual export out of Africa. And the bead/guns themselves, manufactured in Africa, are currently being shipped to the USA and Europe. This bead/arms project provided six months full time work for half a dozen craftsman who got well deserved break from making wire animals for tourists. The completed bead/guns were the subject of a photo-shoot in crime ridden downtown Johannesburg. The subjects were the artists who made the guns, several construction workers who happened to witness the shoot, and a member of the South African Police Services who just wanted his picture taken.” 

a lot of food for thought in this series. when people talk about guns and violence in africa, the discussion rarely highlights how these weapons got to the continent. a lot of time the humanity factor is left out of the conversation of violence and replaced with a bunch of faceless, nameless statistics. visuals like these force the viewer to think about the people and culture these arms deals truly affect. what do you think of ‘Ghosts?’

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